About Us


We’re excited to be part of the solution.

See our plans for 2018 as we mount a campaign for Amazon’s Whole Kids Foundation.

Our MISSION: is to create an opportunity for artists and their fans to make a real difference.

The City of Angels was created to produce benefit concerts for charity. We are working on making a positive long-lasting impact by channeling the energy and creativity of a retinue of committed artist, like our first band, The Strokes. Our focus is on ongoing critical issues that face our world; children, housing, feeding the hungry, addressing natural disasters. We are using our charitable reach to build community. Helping our fellow human beings with self improvement through creating gardens, meditation and yoga, as well as selfless service to others; charity = sharing, caring, inclusion. The profits from these charity concerts become a powerful force for social change. We believe that we are all in a position to have a positive long term impact on the world at large.

How Can You Help?

You can buy tickets to our next concert in 2018 at the Wiltern Theater.

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