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Fans, We Love the Fans

The Fans love us!

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Checking in the Fans.

We are live!


The Strokes launch our inaugural concert.

Our Causes

The City of Angels produces benefit concerts…

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About Us

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The City of Angels is partnering with WHOLE KIDS Foundation to help nourish kids.

Last year we donated 80% of the money raised toward the organizations who we sponsored

in 2016. This formula pays the bandʼs cost, management staff fees, as well as the Theater staff, rental, load in, sound check, etc…


  • THE CENTER – $107,345.54
  • WASTE NOT WANT NOT NOW – $107,345.54

Our first concert sold out within an hour.

We use an innovative tiered ticketing model that reduces scalping and insures that the maximum amount of box office goes to charity.

Strategic Partnering

Filling the WILTERN theater with fervent fans for charity.

We have hold dates at The Wiltern Theater to raise funds for the school kids of the Northern California Wild Fires and Hurricane relief for Houston, Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to help nourish the kids of the recent natural disasters by providing funding and resources to create a healthy eating environment at schools once they have reopened.

Amazon Whole Kids Foundation


OUR MISSION: is dedicated to helping kids eat better—and enjoy it! Whole Kids Foundation is devoted to improving children’s nutrition with the goal of ending the childhood obesity epidemic. They support schools and inspire families to improve childrenʼs nutrition and wellness. Whole Kids Foundation ensures that kids have healthy food options at school. The devastation caused by recent natural disasters in Houston, Florida, Northern California, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands has affected schools and their ability to serve kids healthy meals.

City of Angels aims to produce a series of benefit shows to fund Whole Kids Foundation’s emergency efforts to nourish hungry students in the recent disaster areas.


The Founder

For over two decades, Tashi Powers has helped raise money for charity and was taught how to do a charity concert by Denzyl Fiegelson, and feels itʼs her honor to help others.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

The City of Angels team is putting together other concerts for 2018.