Who We Are

Our mission to create a global consciousness that connects us via our hearts thru our actions.

The City of Angels was created to support efforts to nourish the hungry and end homelessness as well as to focus on childhood health as producers of benefit concerts for charity we are poised to help disaster relief efforts by staging a series of concerts.

We are working on making a positive long lasting impact by channeling the energy and creativity of a retinue of committed artist, like our first band, The Strokes.

Our focus is on ongoing critical issues that face our world. We support 501(c) (3) charities that provide support to childhood health, community, housing, health and food to the hungry, whether they are chronically hungry or a result of a natural disaster.

We are committed to creating an opportunity for artists and their fans to make a real difference, as the profits from these charity concerts become a powerful force for social change. We believe that we are all in a position to have a positive long term impact on the world at large.