Our Mission

The Give Life Foundation has been established to increase the awareness of the chronic shortage of the U.S. blood supply encourage the donation of blood, blood products, organs and tissues.

Today, those in need of the gift of life far out number the current donations available to help them. The mission of the Give Life Foundation is to correct this imbalance and have every American who can make a useful donation of blood or organs to the life of another.

The Give Life Foundation seeks to raise awareness of blood donation. To create a culture and spirit of volunteerism of donation, we call upon all Americans to give the gift of life.

The availability of only 500 units of blood for any disaster in this country is a startling gap in the nation’s homeland security effort. The blood supply was down 20% last year, despite the fact that demand is rising 4% annually. This year, the Department of Homeland Security has raised red alert levels with only one-day supplies of blood available.

What is required is a sustained public awareness campaign to change the culture of donation in the United States – to turn our country into “Donation Nation.”

We have also supported the development of registries designed to match donors of organs with those in need, including registries for marrow, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and pancreas. Many people die every day due to the inability to obtain a matching organ donor.

The Give Life Foundation undertakes activities that promote and support the work of organizations already established to and distribute the donation of blood and organs. For a complete list of organization and more information about these groups please see “Benefiting Organizations.”